The $100,000 Ghost Hunt for Halloween starts at BGO Casino

It doesn’t happen too often for an online casino to present its members with a chance of winning $100,000 in pressbgocash, but this is exactly what BGO Casino has to offer.

Their recent press release about Sunmaker casino set the bar so high that players will have a hard time saying no to this tempting proposition, but they need to remember that time is of the essence.

Only those who are willing to commit a lot of time and energy in playing online casino games this weekend, will have a decent chance at winning a slice of this massive paycheck.

The new campaign is structured as a leaderboard, with those who finish at the top of the list being the ones that will receive most of the money. While this promotion begins now and Halloween draws near, it will continue deep in October and the winners will only be announced on November 17.

By these days, most players will already know how much money they are eligible for and the luckiest ones will also claim a share of the additional bonus of $16,000.

Basically all of those who made a deep run in this promotion and feature in the leaderboard will receive an extra $500, with $2560 being randomly awarded.

There is so much money to go around that even those who are late to the party and just open an account with BGO Casino have a good chance of emerging as winners.

The casino manager invites players not to miss out on this rare opportunity of increasing the size of their bankroll several times. The $100,000 Ghost Hunt Casino Bonuses are already being awarded, with $16,400 in weekly Score Board prizes, more than $2500 won in weekly draws and an additional $5000 representing additional prizes awarded randomly to players.

This is not the first time that BGO Casino runs a generous promotion and most of their actions have been geared towards replicating of Vegas like experience. So far they are doing a hell of a job and with these Halloween promotions, they provide members with a strong incentive not to look elsewhere for gambling opportunities.

All the games are available on mobile devices as well, including android and IOS powered smartphones and tablets.

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