Sunmaker Casino to run the 2014 Trick or Treat promo

Those who play casino casumo games over the Internet have plenty of options to choose from, as most operators run special promotions dedicated sunmakerto this holiday.


Sunmaker Casino makes no exception and the 2014 Trick or Treat promo has already begun and will only conclude on Sunday at midnight.

Pretty much everything these days revolves around the Halloween celebration, which is bound to turn this weekend into an exciting adventure.

In a nutshell, this promotion will offer special bonuses to those who are willing to focus on the next 48 hours, starting on October 31. Instead of being limited to a standard bonus, players will get to choose between a $150 amount which is the safer bet, or a riskier bonus of €500.

The problem with the latter is that players don’t know for sure how much they will end up receiving, because the bonuses range from €10-€500.
They are awarded randomly and there is no way of knowing how much you will get, which is what makes this promotion so exciting.

At least in theory, players can win a three digit amount without venturing a lot of money, but risk-averse punters will be more attracted by the prospect of receiving a sure €150. Sunmaker Casino imposes no limitations or restrictions whatsoever, with both new and existing members being eligible for this campaign.

As always, Halloween is celebrated at online casinos with slot machines that are spookier than usually and two games stand out from the crowd. Mysterious Mansion and Madame Millions can make you rich by providing you with numerous winning combinations and the five reel slot machines also qualify for the aforementioned promo.

Not surprisingly, the reels are populated by ghosts, ghouls, witches and sorcerers but matching three of them is actually a good thing.

Surviving the Mysterious Mansion is an exciting experience and also a very profitable one, because those who don’t back off are going to claim significant paychecks.

Far less scary is the Madame Millions slot machine, which invites players to take a look into their future, guided by the fortuneteller. Sunmaker Casino makes it a pleasure for those who are fans of the supernatural to play online casino games these days by providing them with bonuses that can go as high as €500.

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