Stargames applies for UK Gambling license

Stargames serves thousands of players from all over Europe and their reputation is consolidated, despite the fact that they have only been around for a relatively short period of time.stargammmmm

Thrills casino this dynamic and competitive industry, you need to stay ahead of the pack all the time and expand to new markets, before others do it.

By far the most tempting one is the UK market, which has tens of thousands of active players and even more who are probably waiting for reliable operators.
The only problem with the British Islands is that they are regulated strictly and new operators have a hard time establishing a dominant position here.

They need to meet various standards and the UK gaming commission is not willing to make any compromises, while taking a particularly hard stance this year. Having said this, Stargames didn’t give up on its plans to provide UK residents with state-of-the-art gaming services and it is already applying for a license.

This is not exactly novelty for those who have been following the company throughout the year and it looks like the application process is well down the way. The problem is that these sorts of endeavors can take less or longer depending on how responsive the commission is and how many applications the members need to analyze.

There is no shortage of interested online casinos and even though most of them don’t stand any chance of being granted a permit, they slow down the process.

Meanwhile, Stargames is expanding its collection of video poker, slot machines and table games, so that when the license is granted, it can jump headfirst. The focus on the fast-growing UK consumer base can be explained by the company’s desire to use the same proven strategy to attract English players.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are other online casinos who used to operate within borders and are now contemplating the possibility of exiting the United Kingdom market.

The fact that they are willing to give up on a significant slice of the cake is a bit surprising and has to do with the fact that new taxes are being discussed. If enforced, they will severely hurt the profit margin of online gambling operators and there are not many willing to weather the storm. While this is generally bad news for players, Stargames can take advantage of the favorable context.

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