PAF Casino plans expansion in 2015

Ever since its inception, PAF Casino has been trying to expand its customer base paf-casino-logoand they were driven by a noble idea.

The more clients they have, the more money they will be awarding, because regardless who wins, the winner casino will not keep a dime.

If the customers are successful and their online gambling resulting profits, then they can consider themselves lucky and enjoy all the money. If the casino wins, the money will be donated to charity so someone will be made happy, instead of PAF getting rich.

In order to maintain uptrend and continue their accelerated expansion, these guys are trying to expand their team. Skilled and experienced developers are the kind of specialists they are looking for, as they want to consolidate the web development team and improve the content management system.

Technological advances made over the last couple of years greatly improve the user experience, but PAF Casino is not going to dwell on this success and tries to push the envelope.

The ones who will join the team need to be ambitious and hard-working, with tremendous experience because everything is aimed at helping players enjoy themselves.

Even though this casino is a charity, it strives to uphold the highest quality standards and offer the ultimate gaming experience. All these demand dedication and casino officials are willing to reward those who possess all these qualities and are willing to put them to good use for the common good.

They are expanding on all fronts and in addition of opening a live casino, they have consolidated their collection of slot machines with new titles.

Aaron Avalanche is the one released recently and this 3D slot is inspired by the breathtaking sceneries of the Himalayas and the mythical creatures that inhabit this realm. Some of the symbols scattered on the reels are Yetis and the protagonist is trying to capture them, while finding a hidden treasure.

The premise is interesting and original to say the least and the game itself has 243 winning combinations and a total of 25 winning lines. It has nine distinct bet levels and cool bonus games, not to mention that scatter symbols will trigger free spins and the top payout sits at a massive €10,000.

Overall, the new game promises to keep players at the edge of your seat and make the luckiest ones rich this winter.

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