Mr Green unveils new lineup of games for 2015

2015 is just around the corner and if it will be even half as competitive as the one that is about to end, online casinos mrgLogowill have plenty on their plates.

Most casinos operators are simply trying to consolidate their position at the top of the food chain, which is difficult enough given the fact that the runners-up are extremely aggressive.

Those who are relatively new and hope to make a name for themselves will have an even more difficult task and Mr Green is one of these guys.

The company started small, with a couple of games aimed at Nordic players and it made an overwhelmingly positive impression over Swedish, Danish and Norwegian casino fans.

Many of them were already playing over the Internet, so they didn’t need to many incentives to make the transition and they had no reason to switch sides again. They enjoy the service of a customer support team that speaks their language and the games run smoothly, so they have very few reasons to even ask for help.

If there is one reason for them to be less happy is that the number of games that they get to choose from is not exactly impressive. This was the first thing that Mr Green tried to amend in 2014 and they already made significant improvement, with even better to come in 2015.

One of the reasons for why players are entitled to rejoice and anxiously anticipate the next year, is that Net Entertainment’s mobile Touch games will hit the online casino.

The first titles have already been tested and they run as expected, with January and February being the months when they will go live at Mr Green.

The fact that they will be available here before players from other online casinos will get the chance to try them out is a reason of pride and excitement. They are powered by an innovative gaming engine and will probably serve as a foundation for new titles that will be released throughout the next year.

The online casino software developer announced that more games will unveil on a monthly basis and their deployment will exceed even the wildest expectations. Björn Krantz, Chief of GMO said that the company he represents is thrilled to work with Mr Green and expects efficient integration of top quality online casino games.

So far everything is going according to the plan and over the past year, they expanded their presence in several regulated markets by simply co-opting local operators.