Gala Casino unveils new native app developed in-house

Gala Casino is one of the premier online gambling operators in United Kingdom and one of galacasinothe few that still relies mostly on software developed in-house.

Granted it takes longer to produce these games and sometimes players miss the opportunity of competing for progressive jackpots, there are also advantages associated to this approach.

Their players are guaranteed to enjoy titles that are truly original and won’t be found anywhere else.

Since making the transition to online bingo, they doubled their efforts and recently announced a brand-new tool developed in-house. This application is supposed to cater for every need of bingo players as well as slot machines and games enthusiasts, who prefer to enjoy their services on mobile devices.

The app is going to run on smartphones and tablets, while bringing popular titles on these devices and greatly facilitating the mission of those who rely exclusively on these gadgets.

Among the slot machines that were released at the same time as this application it is worth mentioning Night out, Gourmet ranch riches, Firemen and Coronation Street slots.

Gala Casino will release 70 more in a not so distant future and the games will be compatible with devices running on various operating systems. For the time being, only those who have a product developed by Apple, therefore running on iOS can enjoy the games, but this is only the beginning.

Players will also be provided with the instruments necessary to fully customize the gaming interface and the number of filters has been increased. All the relevant information regarding the number of pay lines, the maximum potential return on investment and also facts about game volatility has been included.

There is even an out of search feature, which is supposed to speed up gaming for those who don’t want to press a button before each spin.

The UI is as responsive as always, but the gamblers will have an easier time performing transactions, as all payments are confirmed immediately. All that they need to do is to enter the correct CVV number when asking for a deposit and funds will reach the destination without delays.

The entire spectrum of iPhone smartphones is covered and the same goes for all the tablets manufactured by the Cupertino giant.

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