Europa Casino changes its website completely

Even the best looking things eventually lose their appeal and everyone knows that from close nothing is truly beautiful. europa-casino-logo

Europa Casino has always had great looking websites and this has helped the online gambling operator appeal to those who appreciate the fine design.

Having said this, there are plenty of reasons in favor of making adjustments to even the most successful product and this is exactly what they did in 2016.

The new website was advertised late in 2015 and everyone was anxiously waiting for the new layout, with their expectations being thoroughly met. The new changes that have altered the website are all for the better and the new product even has a new name. More features were added, while the existing ones were either changed or upgraded radically, to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies.

As the new design went live, the number of new promotions also increased and the prizes are better than ever before. The press releases made players aware of the fact that the casino now also has a new URL, even though players who visit the old website will be swiftly redirected. The changes are cosmetic in nature, but they also help the online gambling operator project a more accurate image.

Back in the day, it used to focus mostly on bingo, while today it is centered on casino games.
Players who access the website will also discover with satisfaction that they can customize their gaming experience to a greater extent. Today it is possible to set up a list of favorite games, so don’t have to browse the entire selection whenever you go online to play. This is not only convenient but also helps speed up the process, so players can focus exclusively on having fun and winning cash.


The reason for why the new promotions are centered on selected slot machines is that Europa Casino tries to bring them in the spotlight. Once players make up their mind and set up a list of favorite games, it is less likely for them to make major changes to it. On the other hand, they will always enjoy easy access to useful tools that allow them to track their history as well as their performance. It’s very important to know which games are more profitable and where you lost money, to stay about the profitability line.

In the long run, players might feel the need to make further changes and the good news is that the new player dashboard has all the necessary tools. As expectations change, players might feel the need of diversifying their spectrum of games, or do the exact opposite and focus on a narrow niche. With so many new titles being added, it is more likely for thing and new members to choose the first path, as the current collection includes in excess of 500 games belonging to all genres.