Coral partner granted UK Gambling Commission Approval

Coral casino has established a couple of mutually beneficial partnerships with software developers and leading technology providers.

The purpose is to consolidate their position with Stargames, while expanding their presence beyond borders, while ultimately offering the same standards of quality they currently do for UK players.

Among their partners is Gamblit Gaming who has been trying to gain approval for the continuation remote operating license.
The good news is that the United Kingdom gambling commission has finally granted the documentation requested by the technology provider. What this means is that they will have the right to operate casinos serving UK residents, after meeting certain technical requirements.

This is a huge step forward for the company, but it is not exactly a surprise, since they made all the advancements necessary.

Eric Meyerhofer who is the CEO of the company expressed his satisfaction for being granted approval for their UK operations. They have an entire team working on new content and now that they are allowed to run a casino in the United Kingdom, they will put all their creativity to good use.

The proprietary platform run smoothly and presents players with the advantage of exploring games that are not available anywhere else, which makes them feel special for all the good reasons.
The developers have the expertise and willingness to integrate single SDKs into their games and they make use of the latest technologies to deliver the best user experience.

They are trying to stand out from the crowd, by presenting players with a new and original approach and past performance suggest that they are capable of staying ahead of the curve. They provide the regulated technology and also take care of the customer operations and the licensing, which greatly simplifies the mission of publishers and developers.

Coral is just one of the online casinos who will benefit from shaking hands with them and running joint ventures, with the company being free to focus on more lucrative project. The UK market is very profitable, despite the fact that there are so many operators trying to increase their market share.

The ones who have been around for quite a while and have a land-based presence as well as the online ventures are more successful. Prospective clients are seeking convenience about everything else, but they are equally concerned about safety and will always prefer a reliable operator.